Soft tissue injuries are a big part of physical therapy and Rock Blading is a great way to treat both acute and chronic soft tissue injuries. Non-invasive methods include heat, ice, cupping, flossing, taping, stretching, and passive modalities. Rock Blades or Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue manipulation (IASTM) is one of the methods. IASTM aids in reducing adhesions and increases healing. The tools special design applies pressure to the damaged tissue. Rock Blades allow the clinician to reach greater depth than they could by using their hands. The tools have several different edges that allow for better contouring to the necessary body parts, in order to heal the injured area. Rock Blades have helped shorten the duration of soft tissue injuries.


  • Pain Relief
  • Improve Soft Tissue Mobility
  • Increase Blood Flow to Tissue
  • Improve Flexibility
  • Decrease Scar Tissue
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