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NEO Orthopedics and Rehabilitation

Our therapists and office staff create a culture where the patient is the focus. We work as a team to provide a healing approach, rather than the “herding cattle” concept that focuses more on profit than patient care.

Our founders knew that the money-focused model, while still utilizing talented therapists, was not as effective for the patient’s overall well-being, nor was it satisfying for the staff. That is why they partnered to create NEO Orthopedics & Rehabilitation in 2008.

We were founded by Jason and Mykel Fuser as a single outpatient clinic in Miami, Oklahoma, and in 2018, Jamie and Kristi Baker joined the practice. NEO Ortho now has two convenient outpatient facilities, and we contract with various schools and skilled nursing facilities to provide care to their patients. Our ability to treat a wide range of conditions continues to grow as we enhance our programs and our reach.

What does patient-focused care look like? 

We take time to get to know our patients, and we care about their lives outside of their therapy sessions. You or your loved one will always be more than a name on a chart. We want each patient to leave our services living a better, healthier life that is both better functioning and pain-free. We want you to feel like family because that is how we view our patients.

Spending time developing relationships with each patient allows us to provide better care because we can have a greater understanding of potential underlying issues, and we can create more effective treatment plans. We also firmly believe that the personal, human touch is vital to providing the highest quality therapy.

Another part of our patient-focused culture is who we hire. We often hire former students who worked with us through their clinical hours because we have already seen first-hand how they treat patients and the level of care they provide. They are more than a name on a resume, they are already a part of our company culture.

Ultimately, we want you to know we are here to serve our patients and our community. We focus on your individual needs and want you to live a better life through our various programs and therapy methods.

How can we serve you?

Miami Facility therapy session
Jason working with a patient in Vinita
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