Chronic Lung Disease and COVID-19 prevention

It is more important than ever to maintain your health, especially lung health with COVID-19. COPD patients are High Risk for contracting the virus, so lowering the amount of risk is something you can control. Here are some tips to prevent getting COVID-19.

1. Stay home if you can!!!!!!

2. If and when you must go out practice social distancing, wear your mask (N95), wash your hands often.

3. For eating out use curbside and/or carry out.

4. For Lung Emergencies-call your Dr first to determine a plan instead of going to the Dr office.

5. Keep taking all prescription medications if you take nebulizer treatments-CLEAN them diligently every 24 hours and if you take inhalers CLEAN them as prescribed as well.

6. Don’t completely isolate yourself from friends and family, you can use facetime calls and or zoom or skype to visit without any risk or for face to face contact- visit outside.

7. Stay active even inside your house if need be, walking back and forth, or up and down stairs, for arms use canned goods out of your kitchen cabinets or wall push ups, for legs Repeat sit to stand in a stationary chair, lunges and squats.

8. Most important for LUNGS to stay healthy work them hard- blow up party balloons or blow lightweight objects through a drinking straw.

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